Thursday, August 29, 2013

Charlene Choi in Cat III film?

While promoting their current movie "Midas Touch", Charlene Choi and Chapman To let it slip that their next work together will be a Category III production directed by Chapman To in which she will have "revealing scenes but not nudity". Sounds like Choi may be following the well trod path of established actresses who add a pit of panache to their resumes by keeping their clothes on in a movie best know for those who do not. The subject of the film is child prostitution so there should be plenty of room for salacious content viewed from the high moral ground. Choi said that doing a role with some edgy content will increase her chances for best actress type awards, unlike the characters she has played in the past. Hard to imagine that the non-Edison Chenized half of The Twins would one day be grist for the mill for the guys at This Week in Sleaze.

HKSAR Top 10; Xinhua; Yahoo Singapore

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