Friday, August 2, 2013

Keeping up with Shu Qi

How, you may ask yourself, does Shu Qi keep busy and make sure the Yuan keeps rolling in when she isn't serving on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival, shooting a movie or appearing for hyper-glamorous fashion brands? Simple--she chooses among the lesser events that offer for her services and puts on a party dress. The amount of pizzazz and charisma the sponsors get from her may depend on how much they pay, what she thinks about the event or how she feels on a particular evening.

Illy Coffee definitely didn't get her A game.

A very half-hearted looking Champagne toast:

Just a bit of a come hither look:

The magic didn't last long:

Then there was a charity dinner sponsored by a luxury Swiss watch brand, the name of the charity known to the editors at Sina but not their readers since Sina blurred out identifying names or logos.

They got at least one full blast movie star look:

But the unimpressive and sloppy press contingent left Shu Qi looking unimpressed:

She seemed to enjoy her appearance for Jimmy Choo, the universally loved and expensive footwear and leather goods company and showed it:

Including a sexy girl next door look:

And even a bit of simmering smolder (or smoldering simmer):

An eyeglass company (the brand again obliterated by the heavy handed picture editors at Sina) was the lucky recipient of sexy sidelong glance:

Some words of wisdom winningly delivered:

A shot with another of the company's products:

And even a "You talking to me?" look although sans glasses:

Everything from a week or so of Sina Slides; 2; 3; 4

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