Friday, August 16, 2013

Detective Dee prequel with Angelababy in jeweled headress

Director Tsui Hark and writer Chang Chia-Lu are bringing Detective Dee back with "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon", opening on September 28 in the PRC. Angelababy is a featured player; based on the posters and stills released so far she accessorizes with a complex and uncomfortable looking head covering:

Such headgear has been used in various media to show that a woman is particularly exotic, dangerous, powerful or may even have super powers. For example, depictions in comic books of science fiction heroines:

It may denote her as the arch femme-fatale seducing French officers made weak by her lethal charms into revealing military secrets:

Just the thing to pull together a look for a 17th century Spanish noblewoman:

And as featured as the premiere piece in the fall/winter 2013 collection for the house of Alexander McQueen:

John C. Wright's Journal; (in German);Alexander McQueen; Chinese Movies; Sina

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