Friday, September 6, 2013

Brigitte Lin goes to the theatre, draws a crowd

"The Absolute Beauty" is running in Hong Kong and Brigitte Lin checked out a performance and went backstage to greet the star, Liu Xiaoqing. The play is centered on Sai Jinhua, a famous courtesan in Nanjing during the Qing Dynasty.

Brigitte Lin and Liu Xiaoqing:
Liu Xiaoqing on stage:

Big smile for the paparazzi:

Simply gorgeous:

Liu Xiaoqing has quite a story: a leading actress in the 1980s, she retired from the stage and became a success in business but ran afoul of the tax laws and served a year in prison. She returned to the stage several years ago.

dongguantoday; Sina slide


  1. Aaah, Brigitte -- can you believe she's almost 60 now -- i.e., just one year older than Jackie Chan and Petrina Fung Bo-bo?!

    Like her hairstyle: somewhere in between that for "Peking Opera Blues" and "Red Dust"... ;b

  2. I was scrolling through Sina and thought "that really looks like Brigitte Lin"--which, of course, it was. The term ageless gets thrown around a lot but I think it really applies to her.