Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brigitte Lin reading

Based on the Google Chrome machine translation on fly I wasn't able to figure out what this event was or even what city it was in. There are, however, 40 pictures of Lin Ching-Hsia onstage reading, answering questions from the audience and enjoying a laugh with the moderator. Since it is impossible to have too many Lin Ching-Hsia pictures, here are a few of them:



  1. Interesting choice re the frames -- very Harry Potterish!

    By any chance, was Brigitte reading from her book, "Window in the Window"?

  2. I don't know the book from which she read--the text accompanying the pictures really tied the translator into knots.

    Love the heavy round frames--they are perfect for her face.

  3. The round frames are very Harry Potter-esque! ;b

    Have to admit I was expecting something more... discreet and tortoise-shell from her! :D