Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ageless Cherie Chung for Bulgari

Cherie Chung appeared for ultra-luxury jeweler Bulgari. She had the relaxed grace of someone who has just cashed a nice check for her appearance fee and has a few hundred thousand dollars of emeralds and diamonds around her neck.

Stylish and poised, she looked to be having a good time. When asked how she stayed so beautiful and fresh looking for so long (she is reported to be 52 years old) Cherie Chung said her secret was to drink lots of water, leaving out the part about having inherited the genes for a perfect bone structure for her classically proportioned face. Plus being able to take things exactly as seriously as they should be (in this case not very).

A devilishly delightful look that a lot of men would love to have directed at them.

Yahoo China

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