Monday, January 28, 2013

Zhang Ziyi in snowy Paris

The Grandmasters, already doing great business in Asia, opens next month in Europe at the Berlin International Film Festival. Zhang Ziyi was at the Paris Haute Couture 2013 shows, looking good and most likely promoting the film.

A porcelain "China Doll" look:

The life of a fashion icon and internationally famous actress isn't all champagne and caviar. Sometimes you have to pick your way across the snow and ice in footwear that is designed to stay indoors.

Her umbrella holder on the way to the Christian Dior show is Michael Burke, new CEO of Louis Vuitton:

With Raf Simons, the designer who replaced John Galliano as top designer at Christian Dior:

Quite a front row waiting for things to start. That's Rosamund Pike and Noomi Rapace on one side of ZZ, Ruth Wilson and Chloƫ Moretz on the other.

Yahoo China; Getty Images

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