Friday, February 1, 2013

Actresses wearing cat ears

Zhang Jingchu and Sammi Cheng each decided to wear a hat with cat ears, one at the airport the other at a fashion event. I don't know if this is the start of trend, but if it is there have been worse celebrity inspired clothing trends.

Zhang Jingchu with the cuteness meter turned to eleven:

Sammi Cheng looking glam wearing sunglasses at night:

The same outfit with some of the color removed:

Sina; Yahoo China


  1. Zhang Jingchu's hat is pretty cute. It's like a Mickey Mouse hat made stylish.

    Not so keen on Sammi's furry sleeves though. Maybe if she'd worn them with furry legwarmers and a tail! ;p

  2. Furry legs and a tail might be a better look than the odd combination she is wearing--I lightened one of the pictures and posted that version above.

    What looks like a coat dress (or maybe just a coat) with an odd belt, heavy black tights and ankle boots along with the hat and sunglasses make the whole thing a mess. Not that she looks bad, just strange.