Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zhang Ziyi in Rome for Save the Children

The international charity Save the Children (STC) and Bulgari which is owned by LVMH, the "world leader in luxury" had a gala dinner in Rome to show the world how wonderful they are. STC runs worthy programs in some not yet post-conflict places like South Sudan, Somalia and Mali in Africa as well as more front of mind war zones--Afghanistan and Pakistan. One criticism of STC is that a large portion of the funding for the powerful USA wing comes from the United States government which then has a significant say in the policies of the charity. What the hell, no one is perfect although some are less imperfect than others.

Zhang Ziyi, just appointed International Ambassador for the charitable effort, was an honored guest. She looked glamorous and relaxed while arranging her skirts during the photocall;

Looking over her shoulder in the garden;

Or posing with Donnie Yen and Cissy Wang:

The setting was the appropriately ostentatious vulgarity that the Romans do so well.

Zhang was seated next to Bulgari CEO Micheal Burke, here discretely turning away while she takes a picture of herself to tweet to the gang back home.

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  1. Very nice photos you have there. Nice of her to do charity work. So who is she dating now?