Monday, November 12, 2012

Bodyguards and crowd pushers for Zhou Xun.

These pictures are from, I believe, immediately after the recent Vogue magazine bash in Beijing and show contrasting styles of the semi-official types charged with getting a featured guest through the not very rowdy looking crowd and into her car.

The guy with the large mobile phone and I.T. credentials is taking his responsibilities very seriously, looking frantic enough to be announcing that the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force had just landed on the Diaoyu Islands.

His comrade is much more laid back, a hipster type of bodyguard who goes with the flow and looks as if nothing could surprise him--or wake him up.

Zhou Xun is imperturbable with a big smile for everyone even as the I.T. guy finally spots her car through the crowd.

Mission accomplished.

Yahoo China


  1. LOL... these are great! I love Zhou Xuan's childlike smile.

  2. She looks completely relaxed--just another day at the office.
    I think that performers are "on" almost all the time, particularly when in public but no officially performing, exactly the situation that Zhou Xun is in. However, and this may just because she is so good looking at ease with her situation, she does look calm and angelic in the midst of a hubbub.