Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maggie Cheung, Zhou Xun, Angelababy, many others at non-events in Beijing

The U.S. edition of Vogue celebrated the 120th anniversary of its first publication by having a big bash in Beijing. Since the date they were commemorating was pretty meaningless (begging the question regarding Vogue itself) the gang didn't have much to do other than stand around looking good and pretending to talk to one another while holding wineglasses.

Since we aren't opposed to that kind of thing, here area a few images.

Maggie Cheung in fur and couture:

The couture is from the Vogue party, fur from the next evening at something with photog Mario Testino's name on it.

Carina Lau and Angelababy from different parts if not opposite poles of the artistic spectrum went with black and white:

The cool girls cliques--Zhou Xun with Sun Li and Li Bingbing with Ni Ni, each making a point of not making a point of ignoring each other, or so the dreadful machine translations of the dreadful Chinese entertainment press seemed to say:

Sun Li in a super-fitted slacks and blazer and killer Christian Louboutin heels:

Ni Ni was in a fussy but somehow elegant mess of tulle, satin and applique:

Li Bingbing:

Zhou Xun:

Lin Peng broke the run of black, white and navy blue with a splashy embroidered D&G mini-dress:

Jason Wu's glamorous +1 was Carolyn Murphy:

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