Thursday, November 15, 2012

Li Bingbing in two photoshoots

Li Bingbing looking typically glamorous for Citta Bella, the Malaysian magazine with the Italian name that translates into "Beautiful City" in English and something very close to that in French and Spanish.

A more or less neutral but still telling description of a dress with a slit skirt is that "it was slit up to there", with a slight emphasis on the last word, indicating a possibly too revealing look. In this shot the photographer redefined "there":

The de rigueur LBB face scrunched shot which few photo essays that feature her are without:

A slightly edgier and very well done editorial in Southern Weekly, a magazine that the "Danwei Media Guide" damns with the faintest praise saying that it "is no longer as irrelevant as it once was".

They even include an unscrunched close-up!

Sina; Sina; Danwei

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