Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fan Bingbing on the Busan red carpet and at the airport

Fan Bingbing walked the red carpet at the Busan International Film Festival--the largest in Asia--and wowed the crowd by making a quick costume change.

First with singer/songwriter/director/actor Wang Lee-Hom:

A quick trip backstage and she was ready to appear with director Je-gyu Kang and co-stars Jang Dong Gun and Joe Odagiri for their soon to be released World War II film "Sign of the Day".

The real show was at the airport. Already having been wheeled down the concourse on a luggage cart by stylist Bu Kewen, here she opted for the less flashy but still effective way of getting through the crowds by dressing in the most sparkly, sequin laden ad for Adidas that one could imagine with Bu Kewen demoted to bag carrier.

Ifeng; Sohu

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