Friday, October 21, 2011

Huang Yi, Carina Lau at Harper's Bazaar China charity event

Bazaar China threw a charity bash in Shanghai with their editor Su Mang hanging out with Huang Yi, Carina Lau and a bunch of less notable celebs.

Looking a bit orange:

A great picture of Carina Lau:

I think this is Gong Xinliang. While black goes with almost anything, her shoes don't go with her dress.

Meng Guangmei:

On the sidelines:
The guy in the middle couldn't be less interested in what is going on or what his companions are saying.

Looking a bit maniacal here.

"You wouldn't believe what she was wearing..."

Carina wonders who is invading her space:

If you are really bored, try texting with two phones simultaneously to pass the time:

The excitement builds:

And the smiles become even more forced:


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