Sunday, October 9, 2011

Battle of the plunging necklines; Kong Wei vs. grumpy Huo Siyan at press conference for "Double Exposure"

That's Kong Wei in red and Huo Siyan looking as if she would rather be anywhere other than this press conference sitting with Fan Bingbing, Feng Shao-Feng and director Li Yu.

Fan Bingbing puckers up; Huo Siyan is bored.

Still not happy. She looks like a teenager losing an argument about going to grandma's house.

Must be close to the end--Huo Siyan almost cracks a smile.

The eyes may the windows of the soul or simple organs for converting light into electro-chemical impulses but Fan Bingbing made sure hers couldn't be missed.

Obligatory standing around photos afterwards; lots more at CRI


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