Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi at the Chinese Directors' Association gala

It was party manners and air kisses for Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi when they strolled in to the Chinese Directors' Association big party. As far as I can tell there were awards handed out by the Association although I couldn't tell from the coverage who got what since the Chinese entertainment press (as least as translated into Babelfish English) was hoping for either a stare-down or smoldering glances between the two mega-stars.

Instead they went with the feminine version of "grip and grin" so it was a glamorous but dull evening.

Gong Li flashed some leg in her deep blue ball gown while Zhang Ziyi wore a less traditional but still interesting outfit, accessorized her with Aaron Kwok.

Yahoo China; Inside China

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