Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Reis for Dior

Dior CEO Sidney Toledano was supporting the brand in Shanghai and brought towering supermodel Natalia Vodianova along with actresses Zhang Ziyi and Ni Ni plus retired screen beauty Michelle Reis to help with the publicity. Vodianova has been busy divorcing billionaire sprig of nobility Justin Portman and finding comfort in the arms of another billionaire (or at least the heir to billions) Antoine Arnault, son of Bernard Arnault the extremely wealthy and very powerful head of LVMH is the controlling shareholder of Dior. For those keeping score at home if the Arnault/Vodianova fling becomes a marriage she will be the niece of Salma Hayek something that would make big family gatherings pretty cool.

Natalia Vodianova with Sidney Toledano:

Zhang Ziyi looked elegantly perfect or perfectly elegant in a redder than red Dior gown with a strikingly embroidered neckline.

Michelle Reis stole the spotlight simply by showing up--she stands out even in a world of beautiful actress and models.

Ni Ni took the sultry and sexy road in a short knit dress and great makeup, particularly her eyes.

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