Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gong Li for Aimer Swimwear at China Fashion Week

Gong Li was in a striking black (or midnight blue) dress with a lot of pleats with a lacy top and a neckline that showed just the right amount of decolletage. Her red pumps were a bit too all-purpose to match the dress but she cut a perfect figure, a true bella figura.

The guy with her was another matter entirely, dressed oddly by any standard. It isn't just that his jacket didn't match his slacks, both garments looked like they belonged to someone else. The trousers were so long they kind of puddled over his shoes and the jacket was so short it looked like almost like a child's size. Eccentric though his outfit was, he must be a power at Aimer, the lingerie and swimwear company that Gong Li has been the face (and body) of for years.

Showing some grace under pressure by keeping himself--at least when this photo was shot--from staring at her cleavage.

Xinhua; zimbio; Aimer Group

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