Monday, February 13, 2012

Huo Siyan vamped it up in freezing Berlin

This has been the coldest winter in decades in Europe. The temperature in Berlin on February 9 was minus 15 degrees Celsius (five degrees Fahrenheit) but Huo Siyan managed to look hot on the red carpet for the Berlin International Film Festival. She was in town in support of "Joyful Reunion" a remake of a "Eat Drink Man Woman" Ang Lee's luminous portrait of family life around the dinner table. Note the contrast between Huo Siyan and the crowd behind the velvet rope who are dressed for an Arctic expedition.

Plenty of flimsy material in her gown but not much to keep her from getting frostbite.

Must have been a bit of a relief to put on her short feathered jacket.

Much more practical when departing from Beijing.
I couldn't resist this picture of Diane Kruger and some guy with a BIFF bear logo pinned to his hat; not a ringing endorsement of the post-modern idea of fluid or multiple gender identities.
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  1. Hi ewaffle,
    Sorry, but this is not Diane Kruger. It is the French actress Virginie Ledoyen. And the man with the hat is Dieter Kosslick, the boss of the festival.
    If you like, you can watch the whole red-carpet-thing on the website of the "Berlinale". The movie is called:"Les adieux à la Reine" - "Farewell My Queen". In the footage Huo Siyan appears at minute 33 and Diane Kruger at minute 49.

  2. kurternst--thanks for the correction and additional identification. Diane Kruger and Virginie Ledoyen don't look alike at all--not sure how I mixed them up.