Friday, February 17, 2012

Huo Siyan still in Berlin, still looking great

The unstoppable juggernaut of publicity for "Joyful Reunion" (or "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman 2012), a remake of an unremakeable movie, clanks on at the Berlin International Film Festival with its premier festival screening. It was a crowd favorite with lots of sustained applause as the final credits rolled.

Huo Siyan was moved by the response and signed everything in sight. Love the fan earrings. I wonder if it odd to sign a picture of yourself taken a day or two earlier. At least there is an explanation for the using the dullest street corner in Berlin as the backdrop for a photoshoot--make sure there would be plenty of pics to autograph.

Looking kind of tuned-out here--she might be hearing the spiel from the guy with the mike for the twentieth time--but impeccably gorgeous.

The crowd at the screening went mildly wild:

The white guy (European?) on the right doesn't seem to belong in this picture--he might want to lay off the Pilsner before he wanders into his next photo op.

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