Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gao Yuan-Yuan at Vesace and everywhere else

Gao Yuan-Yuan was in the front row at the Milan Versace Fall/Winter 2012 show along with blond English singer, a football player, a football columnist, the next Bond girl and someone's boyfriend.

Before the show she looked devastating in white with a white leather jacket, all studded with gold rivets. She has a real presence and the still camera loves her as much as does the movie camera.

"China Daily" ran a number of pictures of Gao Yuan-Yuan from Milan without identifying when they were taken. I think the mission of "China Daily" (or at least part of its mission) is to portray the official policy of the PRC to an audience that doesn't read Chinese. If that is the case, then the Party is going in the right direction in its celebrity coverage. The first two pictures from the shoot before the Dolce & Gabbana show.

Not sure of the provenance of these but they are lovely (and a bit unusual) images:

Before some show--more traditional but still nice.

And a strange one from the Versace show--that's Wesley Sneijder of Inter Milan in the middle taking up a lot of space and crowding Gao Yuan-Yuan and Ilaria D'Amico, football commentator on Italian TV. Keep those knees and elbows in, Wesley.

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