Friday, January 13, 2012

Mabel Ye Xiqi picks up an award

Mabel Ye Xiqi (Bloodstained Shoes) was at the Hong Kong Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards to get an award wearing a low cut, extremely flashy dress that looked impractical for anything other than standing or walking. I imagine that she and those around her figured out how she could sit in a theater seat while waiting to go on stage. Even being driven to and from the event must have been a challenge with those rows of fabric flowers sticking out from her petticoat.

Cute award--it is anachronistic but a CD is a lot easier than trying to show what a streaming musical number might look like.


  1. Hey, that's the dress that singer Tang Can wore in April last year at the China Charity bash! Don't think that we forget these things, Mabel. ;p

  2. Dave--

    I remember that story on Sina although I can't remember why I didn't include the pictures in a post. All comparisons are invidious (which is why they are so much fun) but Tang Can carried off this look just a bit better than Ye Xiqi.

  3. Yeah, I think only an unconventional beauty like Tang Can can succeed with a look this. It just looks weird on a standard beauty.