Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Li Bingbing attends Paris Dior haute couture show disguised as Ni Ni

Zimbio is quicker than any other image service for pictures of Chinese actresses appearing at European fashion shows. They occasionally slap random names on images before releasing them to the diva starved masses; in this case tagging Ni Ni as Li Bingbing, the type of error they have made in the past. Here is "not Li BingBing" from Zimbio:

Interesting to note the action just beyond Ni Ni in the pictures above. In the top picture the mustachioed, black-suited grumpy looking guy is directly behind Ni Ni so the scene is dominated by a scrum of jostling humanity, trying to push their way to the next show or (possibly) into the frame of the photo. In the second one he forms a human backdrop for the shot of the star and her outfit.

CRI had her with Sidney Toledano, CEO of Christian Dior Couture and interim head of design Bill Gaytten--managing not to identify him as Marc Jacobs.

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