Saturday, January 14, 2012

Angelababy in restaurant business

Angelababy opened her first cafe four months ago and it is successful enough that she is opening other branches in Hong Kong--which, if nothing else, is a nice change from everyone you have ever heard of decamping to Beijing. She certainly has the marketing skills and personality to make it a success even if she is just a famous face to serve as a draw.

One hopes for a review of her enterprise from either YTSL who sometimes blogs about food and restaurants at Webs of Significance--check out the pictures of some yummy treats from her post today--or Glenn at his blog. Glenn is newly relocated to Hong Kong and covers restaurants as he finds them.

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  1. Hi Ewaffle --

    Hmmm, I think I'd leave checking out those restaurants to others. Re celebrity eateries in general: have to say that I haven't been all that attracted to check them out -- and they don't always manage to stay in business. Recall that Eric Tsang had a hotpot restaurant once and it went bust sooner than expected!