Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maggie Cheung in Marrakech (last year)

We don't get to see much of Her Magginess lately. Her fans have to be satisfied with glimpses of her at openings for Dior or Valentino, a luxury watch ad here, a film festival there. She was in Morocco this past December as a judge for the 10th Marrakech International Film Festival.

Here she is looking relaxed and elegant at the opening ceremonies:

Meeting the Crown Prince although with the civil unrest and armed struggle occurring in three of the five nations of the Maghreb he may not hold that title at the festival next year. Two pictures from slightly different angles. It must have been a cold evening in Marrakech. Not only is Maggie wearing her zebra print coat for the reception but John Malkovich, the president of the jury, did the meet the prince number with a huge scarf wrapped around his neck a few times. I am pretty sure he is the tall bald guy with his back to the camera.

I posted both pictures to point out the thoroughness (or obsessiveness) of copy editors. In the caption on the top picture--I picked it up from "Emirates 24/7" and news source in the Gulf--Maggie is identified as being on the right as if simply listing the prince and the actress would be too confusing. Strange but true.

Here she is with her two latest BFFs, Egyptian actress Yousra (they do a lot of single names in the entertainment biz in Egypt) and French actress Irene Jacob. Love the shoes in the top picture:

A shot of the entire jury. The concept of business casual has yet to take root on the sun-kissed southwestern shores of the Mediterranean although for men "sloppy" seems to be doing pretty well. The women and John Malkovich seem relaxed while the guys standing in the back look half asleep and Italian actor Ricardo Camarcio gives Moroccan director Faouzi Bensaidi a "You talkin' to me" look.

Looking pleased with things and adorable in pale dusty pink at the closing ceremonies:

Marrakech International Film Festival

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