Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gong Li and Fan Bingbing make the rounds during Paris Fashion Week

Fan Bingbing and Gong Li were all over the place during the closing days of Paris Fashion Week, the final stop on this season's imperial march of shameless hype, wretched excess and ceaseless self-promotion. Since both are representatives of Louis Vuitton they bumped into each other (or at least were photographed together) quite often.

Just another day at the office for Louis Vuitton CEO Yves Carcelle.

Gong Li with her trademark smile, Fan Bingbing looking perfect, English model Daisy Lowe with a 1,000 yard stare.

Gong Li in her element snuggling up to uber-designer Marc Jacobs with Yves Carcelle in attendance and a hulking bodyguard just behind them.

Almost a great dress for Fan Bingbing, marred by the unfortunate lace panel which was made necessary (I assume) when someone realized that the split on the skirt started a few inches below her waist. Perfect for the runway but not for the street so a quick alteration was needed. She seems to have gotten instrutions not to smile ever during Paris Fashion Week and followed them perfectly.

Gong Li strikes a pose for the cameras on this side of the scrum.

Fan Bingbing does the same.

Gong Li and Yves Carcelle on a power stroll very familiar to both of them.

Lovely outfit: Cut like a tuxedo jacket with satin lapels over a lacy top and her best accessory, that million dollar smile.

Fan Bingbing look as good as one can in this riot in beige by Elie Saab. Jeweled turban, lacy cape, perfectly cut and draped dress with an asymmetrical waist, all in a color guaranteed to fade into any background.

 And one more: Gong Li hangs on to Yves Carcell and Daisy Lowe while ultra-hip leather clad architect Peter Marino (BFF of Maggie Cheung) gets a quick nap beneath the visor of his cap.

Images from FashionWindows and Sina


  1. Nice post Ed! I think Fan Bingbing's cheongsam once again screams, "Look at me!" I say, act like you've been there before, not like a nouveaux-ming xing. ;D

  2. While it is a odd choice-for the incongruous looking "modesty panel" as well as the not particularly good fit--Fan Bingbing may not have had much of a choice in what she was wearing for the LV show. Much of that is left to stylists and flacks for the label.

    There wasn't a lot to like about that entire look--she was still wearing the same clunky/strange pumps she did for Dior (maybe she actually like them) and the zombie make-up didn't do her any favors. I think a couple of smiles would have made a world of difference.