Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fan Bingbing in Paris for Dior

Fan Bingbing was spotted making her way to the Christian Dior Fall 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week a few days ago wearing a classic Christian Dior ensemble, a white cap-sleeved belted top  paired with a simple pencil black skirt. She looked fabulous, of course, and made fashion statements with her accessories.

First a classic model pose:

And a nice movie star semi-pout:

Odd sunglasses with a black Dior bow. At first I thought that Fan Bingbing had injured her eye and was wearing a patch beneath the lens of her glasses. She could have gone with a parrot her shoulder to complete a pirate look.

Her redder than red lipstick, dark eye make-up and deep black hair are simple and simply perfect. Check out the uber-bouffant hairdo, copied from Annette Funicello in Beach Party:

Annette Funicello, circa 1963:

Cute but impractical gloves:

However even movie stars who are flown to European capitals to wear great outfits have to pay a price--such as wearing these patent leather and suede monstrosities for more than 30 seconds:


  1. I have to admit, overall, I thought Fan Bingbing looked pretty good. At first, I thought she had patched her sunglasses with some electrical tape. A bit weird, yes? Her kicks are a fail. Why not stick with a classic design. Stylists always have to always make their imprint I guess. :D

  2. Hi Ed! Good to see you back with your always enjoyable fashion commentary. :)

    I love Fan Bingbing's outfit but find the odd accessories a bit distracting. Actually, I'd much rather see a real black eye patch than those ridiculous glasses.

  3. The fashion blogs reacted to the odd glasses, one saying that it showed she that she likes to "have fun" with fashion, another that it was too "Lady GaGa", a third that it softened Fan Bingbing's "too perfect" image.

    It probably means that whichever assistant stylist thought to bring them along and hand the glasses to her did a good job. They look to me like something literally taped together at the last minute although maybe Dior already has orders for ten thousand units.

    Those pumps show how shoe design has gone from extreme to extremely stupid over the past couple of years. Not what one would chose to trot around the cobblestones of Paris.