Saturday, May 17, 2014

More from Cannes: Angelababy out and about, Jane Zhang sings, Zhang Ziyi hobnobs.

Angelababy showed up at a number of Cannes venues--at the opening of "How to Train Your Dragon II" on the arm of Mark Chao:

There were some photoshoots using the Cannes beachfront as a completely generic backdrop, pictures that could have been taken anywhere that has some sand and an ocean:

Jane Zhang sang for her supper (or at least her flute of Champagne) and headlined China Night at the festival, wearing a dress with a huge panda appliqued or embroidered on it:

A typical scrum of reporters and photographers pins Jane Zhang against a backdrop:

Zhang Ziyi had her hand kissed by Spanish director Pedro Almovodar and got a side hug from queen of all she surveys Cate Blanchett, who seems taller than most people she encounters on a movie set:

One more of Cate Blanchett with her co-star:

Sina; xinhuanet; xin.msn

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