Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Isabella Leong back in Hong Kong for short run play

Isabella Leong is returning to the Hong Kong entertainment world and is currently in rehearsal with Jim Chim for his play "Sign of Happiness". She plays a deaf-mute woman while Chim portrays a speech therapist who tries to bring laughter into her life. Leong has been rehearsing for 12 hours per day, working especially hard since she has to interpret the character using movement, body language and facial expression with no dialog. Based on some of the images from rehearsals she and Chim could be a mixed gender Vladimir and Estragon:

One hopes that Robin Williams doesn't get his hands on the rights to "Sign of Happiness":

For those interested, Jim Chim seems very politically knowledgeable and willing to discuss it at length. Here is an interview from a couple of years ago. He discusses how Hong Kong residents view Mainlanders, the (at the time) upcoming election, internet censorship and much else.

Opening night is May 30 at the Hong Kong Culture Centre, scheduled for only three performances.

Sina; Jaynestars; Time Out; xin.msn

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