Monday, July 22, 2013

This why Li Bingbing gets paid a lot of money for 30 minutes at a corporate event.

When a company (one whose name we will never know since Sina took their typical ham-fisted approach in covering its identity) hires Li Bingbing to appear at a convention, sales conference or product launch they get the value for their money. That she is a star in China and has some substantial roles in Hollywood movies will assure some press coverage but for impressing the audience of dealers/customers/employees, few do better than she.

She hits the stage with a beaming with a big smile:

Or with a just sexy enough sidelong glance:

She will be happy to open a curtain to show your wonderful new product:

Happy to share a laugh with the audience:

She will look shocked--no doubt at intelligence, hard work and sublime beauty shown by everyone involved with the event sponsor:

Li will look sincerely interested no matter how boring/long-winded/self aggrandizing the questions and comments are:

And finally really amazed at the wonder of it all:

Looks like a sponsor will get what he pays for.


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