Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marie Claire awards in Shanghai

"Marie Claire", generally the fifth or sixth most popular fashion magazine in each region in which it publishes, had a bash in Shanghai a few days ago. It was an awards ceremony, giving meaningless awards to people who probably didn't know they were in line for one until their agents called to tell them they were working that evening.

The red carpet/photo-op was pretty interesting though, with several of our favorites looking great, none more so than Gao Yuan-Yuan in a Stella McCartney gorgeous green silhouette dress with mesh panels:

Coco Lee vamped it up in a dress with a (very) asymmetrical neckline and split skirt:

Coco had a backstage wardrobe malfunction attended to by an extremely alert seamstress using huge clothing clips while getting her nose powdered:

Li Xiaolu (Lu Lu) brought her cheekbones:

But somehow missed being included in the Celebrity side boob continuing feature in the Huffington Post:

Tiffany Tang was lovely in frou-frou chiffon while Yang Mi had a slightly edgier look in black leather:

Neither looked thrilled to be there in this shot:

Ni Ni dazzled with her million yuan smile:

And was so well coordinated that the trim on her handbag matched her lipstick--strange but true:

A good time was had by some. Sina; Eiffel in Seoul; Huffington Post

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