Monday, October 8, 2012

Once again, Fan Bingbing by Chen Man

Fan Bingbing has served as muse/model for Chen Man in the past for Dolce & Gabana and as Bruce Lee. Here they collaborate for i-D magazine.

Chen Man is known for doing all the work on an image, from the initial photograph through manipulation in Photoshop and 3-D rendering. She said that images altered by software create “a reality that we can control and perfect in the way we choose.”

Chen Man portrait.
Her website is here. You will need a lightning fast internet connection or a lot of patience as Flash images load to fully appreciate it. Fan Bingbing images from Fashion Gone Rogue, Chen Man quote from White Rabbit. Chen Man portrait from Luxury Insider.


  1. Wow... I *love* these! The "one eye" motif is really cool.

  2. It is a heck of a look--apparently one of the signatures of ID magazine is the "one-eyed smile" although Chen Man executes it on a higher plane than most fashion photographers.

    For comparison, here is a link to a bunch of ID covers:

  3. OK, I get the one-eyed look now. Not bad for a design gimmick, especially if it's done creatively.