Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dangerous Liaisons continues festival slog; Cecilia Cheung and Zhang Ziyi at BIFF

Dangerous Liaisons has hit high profile film festivals on three continents: first at Cannes, then Toronto and now (and perhaps finally) the Busan International Film Festival. It may actually open soon--September 27 is the date for the official premiere. The stars and director have waved to audiences, answered questions that they first heard a year ago and acted as if they, if not the best of friends, at least weren't sworn enemies. At least so far.

There was the usual: a red carpet appearance, a press conference or photo opportunity and a well staged question and answer session filtered through interpreters. Cecilia Cheung looked as if she was enjoying hitting the rope line. Busan takes security seriously, with big, fit-looking plainclothes officers ready to pounce on anyone getting too enthusiastic.

Cecilia Cheung stopped to shoot a picture and was undeterred by a few maniacal looking fans.

Zhang Ziyi was more reserved--she kept her distance even while pressing a bit of flesh and looked more like someone on a royal progression than an actress hyping a film.

She seemed much more comfortable onstage in a more scripted and controlled environment where she could relax.

Both actresses agreed that they were on the lookout for something exactly that long, with Cecilia lighthearted and mock-serious while Zhang Ziyi was sardonic and a bit arch about it:

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