Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michelle and Jean go to the movies

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt mingled with other members of the glitterati at the official opening of Cite du Cinema, Luc Besson's huge new studio complex in St. Denis just outside of Paris. Besson and his backers hope to lure big Hollywood pictures to the everything under one roof facility. Luc Besson directed Michelle Yeoh in the recent succès d'estime The Lady.

She looked perfectly fetching, as always, and seems to have had an affect on Jean Todt who was wearing an evening suit that actually seemed to fit.

She brought her magic wrap/shawl/stole--the one that floats in midair:

The studio complex occupies the site of a former power station. They kept the structure of the monumental nave, an impressive place to throw a party:

Plenty of room on the sound stages for everything, including building sets:

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