Sunday, September 9, 2012

Devil in a blue dress--Vicki Zhao Wei in Venice

Zhao Wei was one of the few Chinese actresses at the Venice International Film Festival this year and seemed to have a strange day while wearing a poorly chosen dress.

Things started out well enough with a spin around some canals--she skipped the hackneyed gondola for a more typical wooden inboard and looked relaxed and happy even though her train stayed on the dock while she climbed into the boat.
Everything remained sweetness and light while she strutted her stuff in the company of a dark-suited dandy that I didn't recognize.
Even stopping to pose like the little figures on the top of a wedding cake.
Suddenly the mood changed. Zhao Wei saw something very surprising--from her look she might be thinking anything from "Oh, no, we're late and they are starting without me" to "What the hell is she doing here".
She strode away looking ready for anything leaving her escort staring at the spot where she had just been.
Whatever it was that bothered her it led to a grim and unhappy looking actress facing the press on the red carpet.

Things seemed better later on when Zhao Wei posed with English actor Clive Owen after digging up a much more appropriate dress at the Jaeger-LeCoultre (they make expensive watches) gala dinner.

Xinhua; Sina

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