Sunday, June 3, 2012

Maggie Cheung, Yao Chen, Lynn Xiong at Montblanc opening in Beijing

Maggie Cheung, having just disposed of yet another European artsy type (architect Ole Scheeren) appeared with a very eclectic bunch that Montblanc, seller of luxury watches, pens and other doodads, pulled together for the opening of a huge new store in Beijing. For those interested the reason Maggie gave for the split with Ole is that he was based in Beijing and she couldn't get there often enough to sustain a relationship. This is either dripping in irony (Why did you break up with your Chinese girlfriend? She thought I was spending too much time in China) or a comment on the effects of globalization on the lives of the bourgeois--or just a throw-away line by Maggie Cheung.

The odd nature of the group can be seen here:

That's Naomi Watts, Montblanc International CEO Lutz Bethge, Nic Cage, Jessica Alba, CEO of Montblanc Asia Pacific Jim Siano and Maggie Cheung. Nic Cage brings heterogeneity to almost any gathering and stands out here in a suit with a too-short jacket that looked as if he stopped at a Beijing Men's Warehouse on the way to the event.

Maggie Cheung sweeps into view.

Yao Chen demonstrates how to show the merchandise, some zillion Euro watch from the sponsors of the event

Lynn Xiong takes her place between the Montblanc execs. Jim Siano (the tall guy) has the classic "left the hanger in his tuxedo jacket" look.

Maggie Cheung gives a masterclass product placement.

It is tempting to say that she is still as incandescent as in 1996 during the shooting of Comrades, Almost a Love Story.

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