Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zhang Ziyi in press confrerence and photocall for "Love for Life"

The International Rome Film Festival hasn't quite ended yet (who knew?) so Zhang Ziyi and director Gu Chang-Wei made appearances in support of the AIDS drama "Love for Life". There was a press conference with translation of questions and answers:

Also a photocall which means standing or sitting around while your picture is taken:

Someone must have asked either "could you put your hand on your hip and look stern?" or "what happened to Vivi Nevo?":

Zhang Ziyi wore a dress made of layers of dotted Swiss that was partially transparent based on the number of layers of fabric one was trying to look through.

"Love for Life" is a controversial movie since it deals with AIDS and rapacious entrepreneurs in the People's Republic. It may have been edited half to death and is now centered on the relationship of two very pretty people played by Zhang and Aaron Kwok. Kevin Ma says the "making of" documentary is better than the chopped to pieces final cut. His review at LoveHKFilm puts "Love for Life" in the context of (slightly) changing attitudes in the PRC toward open discussion of formerly taboo topics.

Zimbio (press conference) Zimbio (photocall)

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