Monday, November 14, 2011

Charlene Choi goes to school, Li Bingbing in pink, Tang Wei for Bulgari

Charlene Choi wields huge syringe to vaccinate Hong Kong kids against HPV:

Apparently in Hong Kong, like most of the world, public health initiatives like vaccination of children against human papillomavirus isn't a matter of political controversy as it in other places--or at least one other place, the United States. Charlene Choi was looking relaxed and lovely while appearing as ambassador for the "primary and secondary students in Hong Kong HPV vaccine program", the sixth year she has served in that capacity.

Xinhua ran the story.

A few days before Charlene dropped in at the graduation of Emperor Academy first-generation college students in creative entertainment (I think, based on an inadequate translation) to hand out diplomas and look quite fetching in an eclectic outfit. The Academy is sponsored by Emperor Entertainment Group, a mega talent, producing and financing conglomerate in Hong Kong.

Sina had the story.

Li Bingbing celebrated the end of filming for the comedy "I Do" at at press conference with co-stars Sun Honglei and Duan Yihong. In a hot pinkish dress and leather elbow length gloves, she was every inch the movie star at work unlike Charlene Choi who was able to dress down for her more low key events.

Xinhua and

In other fluffy movie star news, Tang Wei, sporting an asymmetrical hair style, fronted for yet another Bulgari show/exhibit/reception. Bulgari is well entrenched in China as a luxury brand--one of the reasons LVMH bought out the Bulgari family is to increase its already significant penetration in China.

Tang Wei images from Xinhua. Jing has some background on Bulgari in China along with speculation of them appointing a local celebrity as brand ambassador. Tang Wei would probably be the frontrunner--she has been ubiquitous with them recently.

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