Sunday, June 12, 2011

More from Shanghai in the rain

Vivian Hsu shocked everyone by wearing a low cut dress.

Li Bingbing and Jun Ji-hyun assured the diva starved masses that they were still best friends forever.

Gigi Leung gets an umbrella while Chen Kun, Jiang Yiyan and Kwai Lun-mei get wet.

This is an odd look--maybe the bustle is making a comeback with Gigi Leung leading the way in China.

Kathy Chow in red.

Susan Sarandon in red.

Jiang Yiyan in red (with butterfly stick-ons)

Li Bingbing shows how to be elegant while holding an umbrella.

And how to stand under one that someone else is holding.

Zhang Jingchu shows off her back.

While keeping everything else well covered.

It was raining so hard that Zhang Yu Qi broke out her mermaid dress.

Zhao Ziqi wonders for the tenth time if twin starbursts were really the way to go.

Sina Zimbio Ifeng

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