Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chinese Film Media Awards--Tang Wei crowned as Queen of all Film.

Not really although one might think that was the case based on some of the coverage: huge pictures in Xinhua of Tang Wei, smaller for everyone else; Sina has a video of her acceptance speech--unlike the Academy Awards or Golden Globes there doesn't seem to be a time limit--but none for any of the other winners. Some images from Xinhua:

Tang Wei does look both lovely and cute--a difficult combination--and seems to be enjoying herself.

Miriam Yeung...and a big award statue.

Some coverage from Sina:

Tang Wei and Kara Hui.

Kara Hui looking great.

Fiona Sit won an award and also sang for her supper.

Zhang Liang Ying entertained. Outfit a bit odd, particularly the cut-out sleeves. She has a lovely voice, not unlike Sarah Brightman with what sounds like an effortless high C, at least on compressed MP3s.

Charlie Yeung looked on from the audience.

Li Yijie doesn't know how to dress for an awards ceremony but since she won for Best Young Artist she will probably have lots of chances to learn.; Xinhua; Sina

Tang Wei's award and acceptance speech is here. Starting at about the one minute mark, Kara Hui was literally staggering from not really suppressed laughter for a while. In Mandarin.

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