Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chinese actresses in Italian gowns--a perfect combination.

Shu Qi on the red carpet has meant dresses by Valentino for several years (with occasional flings with other designers, almost always Italian, so it was no surprise when she was one of the featured players at the 45th anniversary celebration of the fashion house founded by Valentino Garavani in Rome a couple of years ago.

She made quite a splash in this extravagant number in his signature red. One shoulder dresses can be difficult for anyone to carry off well, although this is an exception. With the single shoulder not crossing over, so much detail elswhere, the odd purse that looks made from the same fabric and gets swallowed up by the dress, a huge bracelet but other accessories it is a distinctive look in which she excels. Photo from Zimbio.

It was a two day party. Shu Qi's look on the second day was more subdued and quite elegant. Even that goofy huge bow didn't spoil things.

Another one from 2007 at the Berlin International Film Festival. This is an illustration of how a talented designer like Valentino can make a dress that probably looks hideous in one of his stores or on a rack but is very effective on the right person.

Lots of circles--the more you look the more you see but even though insanely busy is works.

This is from Cannes 2009, wearing Roberto Cavalli and looking as lovely in blue as she did in red. Photo from

A few views of another blue Cavalli dress, this one a royal blue that she really seems to enjoy showing off. Since she was on the jury at Cannes in 2009 Cavalli really got his money's worth in exposure. First photo from, second from

(Sorry about the color shift on the right hand part of the image above)

Zhang Ziyi wears Armani almost exclusively at public events. Here she is at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institue Ball, one of New Yorks's biggest and most publicized social/fashion events, making the one-shoulder, almost no accesories style look great.

At the 2008 White Tie and Tiara Ball Armani had her in a classic evening dress with spaghetti straps, empire waist and long train. A dynamite look.

For the front row of Armani's 2010 Spring/Summer show in Milan, September 2009 she wore a very "Great Gatsby" in a shorts suit and baker hat. First photo through originally in "Life", second from Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Nice hat.

At the 2006 Golden Globes we see what happens a chartreuse Armani dress trails across a red carpet that was shedding and leaving a layer of crimson fuzz on the hem.

Being pawed by an alarming orange Giorgio for the photographers during his visit to Tokyo in 2005.

To how how badly things can go, Zhang Ziyi in a strange Fendi outfit at the Great Wall fashion show in 2007. Photo from Red Carpet Fashion Awards.


  1. Shu Qi's all skin and bones. Zhang looks a bit like Sally Yeh (Yip Si Man) in the cap.

  2. I think that Shu Qi is slender/skinny but her occasional "lollipop head" look, seems to be due more to her a disproportionally big head on an not inappropriately slim body.

    Although that is in comparison to the skeletors and 16 year old giraffes hitting the fashion runways recently.

  3. Shu Qi may be on the thin side, but it's her big smile and little nose (and freckles!) that I find most appealing about her.

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