Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teresa Mak "Love Me, Love My Money"

In "Love Me, Love My Money" Teresa Mak has a familiar part as best friend/buddy to the female star--in this case Shu Qi. The star of the movie is Tony Leung Chiu-Wai who has gone from billionaire to bum overnight. His angry ex-girlfriend cancels all his credit cards and reports his ID card as stolen; his accountant is hospitalized after drunkenly smashing up his car so he can’t help; he has fired his entire staff in order to save money and his extremely loyal (one might say insanely loyal) secretary, played by the beautiful Cho Chun, quits after not having a raise or a day off for five years.

Now with no money, not even a provable identity he has to convince Shu Qi to help him out. She is understandably suspicious while being attracted to Leung. Teresa Mak is witty and acerbic as she observes and comments on the developing relationship while finding love (or at least lust) with the now recovered accountant. Their relationship is simple--they can't keep their hands off each other, can't even wait to find a bit of privacy. Mak and Gordon Lam as the accountant, are constantly slipping behind a handy counter or trying to use a potted palm for cover for a quick grope. It is a funny bit, not overdone and in contrast to the very slow dance between the two stars.

One reason that Mak gets so many female buddy roles is her undeniable beauty. With her hooded eyes, luscious lips and knock-out figure she doesn't disappear from the screen when sharing it with Shu Qi, a gorgeous actress and true movie star.

"Love Me, Love My Money" (yet another casualty of overly literal Cantonese to English translation of titles) works as a romantic comedy, particularly the comedy side due to the sheer charisma and talent of the actors, the unusual for him attention to detail by Wong Jing and the impeccable timing shown by everyone all the time. Even though it is a supporting role it is one of Teresa Mak's best and well worth seeing.


  1. I have to confess that I've watched this movie but so long ago that I can't remember all that much about it; certainly not about its supporting actors. You make it sound quite fun though. Maybe I'll have to revisit it sometime! :)

  2. There are a lot of good supporting performances, some of them just a couple of scenes long in LMLMM. Shows what Wong Jing can do when he decides to spend some time on one project--he was producer, director and screenwriter.

  3. ewaffle, I also have an affection for Teresa Mak. I'm not quite sure when it started? My favorite film of hers, in a supporting role, has to be Billy Tang's Streets of Fury. It is one of my favorite HK films and I think her performance in this film in particular is what drew me to her. I currently own 36 of her films. I can't say she is my favorite but I do seek her films out to see what she is up to.