Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kelly Chan

Could Kelly Chan Wai-Lam get any more beautiful? That didn’t seem possible based on her movies. However at a recent public appearance on Valentine’s Day at the time of the announcement that she is three months pregnant she now looks even more devastating. Like many Hong Kong actresses she is also a singer--each career complementing the other.

Kelly Chan isn't asked to do much more than look beautiful and move gracefully--and occasionally to be awkward in a graceful way. She hits her mark and says her lines. She has looked fetching but not very threatening as a command officer in the Hong Kong Police Force ("Breaking News"), unhappy but not quite heartbroken as a bride left at the altar ("Tokyo Raiders"--top picture) and constantly annoyed when her life is disrupted ("Lavender"--second picture). With Kaneshiro Takeshi as her co-star in "Lavender" the comeliness quotient was extremely high so any actual acting was a bonus. There is nothing at all wrong with this--gorgeous women will always have an honored place in the movies in (almost) any language and culture, particularly if, like Kelly, they bring the star power of a successful music career with them.

In her recent Valentine's Day appearance she is dazzling--confident, in control, bringing glamour to what looks like a run of the mill promotion. The pictures below which depict this very well are from, the Internet news service of the People's Daily There is a video with sound that starts automatically several seconds after the page is opened.

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