Friday, November 29, 2013

Would you like to marry Fan Bingbing? Everything you need to know in one simple lesson...

"W" magazine features one of our two favorite Bingbings, Fan in this case. Lynn Hirschberg fell under her spell at Cannes a couple of years ago when she appeared in this Elie Saab number:

We find out a couple of things in the chatty article: don't ever invite Zhang Ziyi and FBB to the same party--both will find out beforehand and neither will show; Harvey Weinstein used his own jet to deliver a dress to FBB for the 2012 Oscars; she says she is lazy about learning English, but with a few hundred million fans in China, Hollywood isn't that important. Most importantly, though, she revealed the way to win her heart: "I am known for my hair. But it is my dream to cut it and dye it blue. I’d like to have crazy hair!" She sighed. An envoy from Chopard was knocking at the door with diamonds for her, and the tailor from Valentino was ready with the lace gown that she had agreed to wear that night. "If I ever find a boyfriend who lets me cut my hair and dye it blue, I will marry him," she said as she went to answer the door.

W 48 Hours with China's Movie Queen


  1. Cool article! Thanks for the link.

    I haven't been keeping up with FBB. Didn't know about her role in X-Men. I've been staying away from the glut of superhero movies (even though I was a big comic book nerd as a kid), but I might make an exception for FBB. However, I am looking forward to seeing her in the Bride With White Hair remake and her Yang Guifei film, which evidently has had a lot of production troubles.

  2. A remake of The Bride with White Hair sounds adventurous to say the least--it makes sense that a new generation of filmmakers might want to re-interpret some of the classic stories but some (including me) will find it difficult to not compare FBB with Brigitte Lin while watching. No question as to who would come in second in that comparison.

    The "W" article was fun--they did a good job by staying narrowly focused on fashion and FBB's impact on the cognoscenti in Cannes hotel lobbies.