Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shu Qi pitches Swarovski

Marketing types and higher-ups at firms who sell luxury goods (Armani) "accessible luxury" (Frederique Constant watches) and "affordable luxury" (an oxymoron) like to hire celebrities to promote their brands. Shu Qi fronts Armani and Frederique Constant as well as Swarovski, a company that falls in the the third category. She is famous in Asia, reasonably known in Europe and North America; she adds a shot of glamor to almost any product or event and can be depended upon to be on time and ready to sparkle. One doesn't move from crotch shots in Taiwanese stroke books to international movie star by not showing up.

She doesn't mind being upstaged by Hello Kitty made from Swarovski crystals and has the ruefully sexy look down perfectly at the costume jeweler's bash in Shanghai:

She will give the photographers and photo editors what they want by flashing a pout (or a duck face, depending on your point of view):

She will do her best to make the dorkiest vice-president (here Herman Winkler, VP of north Asia for Swarovski) look good, although it was too much of a stretch in this case:

And lights things up when a ruby necklace appears:

Sina; MSN Singapore

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