Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cecilia Cheung turns to wax while waiting for "Dangerous Liaisons" to open

The much anticipated and more than adequately hyped premier of "Dangerous Liaisons" is scheduled for September and the distributors are so bereft of ideas for publicity that they have released a set of stills that were initially sent to the press (and printed) several months ago. Here, for example.

They must be pretty happy with them but these images are good (or bad) examples of dodgy digital editing with the smooth/blur/soften tools set at infinity--unless Cecilia Cheung's skin has the texture of a Honda Civic dashboard.

Looks like there will opulent settings, costumes and even cars with the film in the Shanghai in the 1930s era which seems to be one of the safe times and places for Chinese films to look back upon nostalgically.

Lots of places to find these and other pictures of Cecilia looking pensive or puzzled: Chinese Films; Sina; Xinhua

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