Monday, September 14, 2009

Venice International Film Festival

There were plenty of photo-ops at the recent Venice International Film Festival where Accident and Lei Wangzi (Prince of Tears) were shown. Unlike the recent festival in Shanghai, where the women's outfit ranged from sublime to hideous, at Venice none of the Chinese actresses strayed far from the norm for the red carpet.

Anya, whose career survived a featured role in Naked Weapon and Tan Wei-Wei, a singer with no credits other than her current film were there supporting Chengdu, I Love You.

Tan Wei-Wei in a simple pink and revealing gown that looks great-- but clunky shoes don't help the look and she should have gone with the formal ankle tattoo.

Anya, delectably voluptuous enough to carry off a dress with both an asymetrical hem and a one-shoulder neckline

Together, looking quite fetching

Michelle Ye Xuan and Han Yuqin were supporting "Accident".

Han Yuqin in a nice red carpet gown, low cut with an understated animal print. The shoes are anything but understated. They are from the Dior spring/summer 2009 ‘Tribal Chic’ collection that is very popular among young Western actresses, Marion Cotillard the most notable of them. The heels are "inspired" by a statue of an African fertility godess--strange but true.

A close up shot show the cut of of the neckline of Han Yuqin's dress.

Michelle Ye knowing she looks great--which she does in a classically cut gown, perfect make-up, simple up-do, show stopping accessories. Simply outstanding.

A lot of sequins died to make that dress.

Huang Lu stars in Between Two Worlds which was in competition at Venice.

Here she is at a screening:

And quite pleased with the world at a photocall:

Perfect hair and make-up in the picture above. With jet black hair, cheek bones to die for and a lovely face generally she has just the right look for a minimalist approach: with her hair in a simple updo, bright red lipstick with almost no make-up otherwise and shot in bright sunlight. Looks great and knows it.

Huang Lu at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Party in Venice very much in a cat that got the canary mode. That dress is a great color but otherwise looks like a costume fitting for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame in China".

Tina Ren (Richie's wife) Michelle Ye and Huang Lu waiting for a screening to start--and the popcorn to arrive.

Oceane Zhu Xuan, Terri Kwan for Prince of Tears
Here with director Yonfan between them. Nice work if you can get it.

And without him:

Terri Kwan's "barely there" dress from the front:

Which goes perfectly with these Christopher Leboutin peep-toe pumps--and a tasteful ankle tattoo.
One more--just hanging around in the hallway, a symphony in red and black:

Lastly, because she was a guest at the Shanghai International Film Festival this year and because she was the official hostess and because there are never too many pictures of gorgeous Italian actresses, Maria Grazia Cucinotta:


  1. Hi Ed! I love your red carpet coverage, as always. And I'm amazed by your shoe knowledge.

    Did you notice the lower back tattoo that's peeking out from Terry Kwan's black dress? The effect is quite risque, I think!

  2. dave--For some reason I have a horrible "visual memory" for people but a good one for objects. Flipping through a fashion magazine I can't come up with a name for a model I have seen 100 times and think is a knockout but will recall a detail of a shoe or dress.

    The lower back tattoo is quite an accent for a dress that is cut as deeply in the back as that one. Here in the less decorous parts of the Midwest it is known as a "tramp stamp" although it seems that half women under 30 have them.