Saturday, December 30, 2017

China wants to export movies with Chinese values. Washington Post freaks out.

Some movers and shakers in the Chinese movie industry attended a one day seminar on how best to
tell stories rooted in "Socialism with Chinese characteristics". The Washington Post clutched its
pearls and called for the fainting couch at the idea that "propaganda" might find its way onto
the Jade Screen, ignoring the decades of production of Hollywood in which truth, justice and
the American Way were confirmed before the final credits rolled. I don't know if anyone pays
attention to concepts like cultural hegemony these days but it is useful when analyzing the output
of a dominant political and economic power.

Among those in attendance were Angelababy, Yang Mi and Zhou Dongyu, a couple of young idols and
several directors and writers.

Zhou Dongyu at the Toronto International Film Festival:

Angelababy at Cannes:

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